Rules of Engagement #5: Follow up

Prepare to Liberate Your Fantasies


Living out your sexual fantasy can be extremely rewarding and open your eyes to new experiences as a couple. However, it can also backfire if you have not thoroughly discussed the experience you are about to embark on together. Deciding in the moment can often lead to regret. Communication is key.

Follow Up. 

Discuss everything about the experience the next day. Make sure that you openly discuss the details. What you liked, what you didn’t care for, what rules need to be adjusted or changed. Find out if this is something that you both want to do again.

Having these discussions and open communication is key to having a positive erotic experience. Liberating your desires and fulfilling your fantasies is empowering. These type of sexual adventures with a partner can build on the bond that already exists between the two of you. It can open lines of communication and allow you each to share your most intimate desires.